What is important when buying a UV / LED lamp?

UV/LED lamps are an essential part of the manicure process. There are a few things to consider when looking for one, including bulb type (UV or LED), size, and wattage. We will go in depth about these three factors and what is important to look out for in each section.

Bulb Type:

UV and LED lamps differ in how they emit light. Both types of bulbs use electricity to produce the wavelength that causes nail polish or gel coats on your nails to cure, but LEDs are made up of a different material than UVs so they don’t need an external power source like mercury vapor or halogen gas . Most manicure stations include both lights for versatility, giving you the option between curing with ultraviolet radiation (UVA) which is faster and produces more durable results vs. using infrared rays that produce less intense colors without as much durability.. If you’re looking for a professional quality lamp with UV capabilities, it’s recommended that you get one with at least 36 watts – anything lower won’t be strong enough to produce the UVA waves needed for curing.

LEDs, on the other hand, have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours and are more energy-efficient than UVs so they will save you money in the long run with their lower electricity usage . They also don’t emit any ultraviolet or infrared rays so there’s less of a risk that your skin could be damaged by prolonged exposure

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There are two different sizes available – smaller travel lamps which can fit easily into luggage and larger ones suited for home use. If you’re using one at an at-home manicure station like we described here , it should come outfitted with both UV lights and LED bulbs since some nail polish needs light from either lamp type to cure.


The wattage of a UV or LED lamp is an important consideration when you’re buying one. A good rule to follow in general is that the higher watts, the more intense and faster it will be able to cure your nails . It’s also worth noting that lamps with a lower wattage may not produce enough UVA rays necessary for curing gel coats so if you want something compatible with all types of nail polishes, look for ones rated at least 36 watts.

Which lamp is more often chosen UV or LED?

UV is the better option for curing gel coats, while LED is a good choice if you’re using nail polish.