How to identify a robocall scam and what the 5 red flags are

One of the most insidious and frustrating robocall scams is the “Wangiri” scam. The one-ring ‘Wangiri’ scam phone call comes from a number that you don’t recognize, and when you answer it there’s no one on the line. You are left with an unanswered call, which wastes your time, but worse than that they will make money off of this by charging for international calls made to them! 

What is Wangiri?  

The word ‘Wangiri‘ means “one-ring” in Japanese. This scam typically happens when you answer a call from an unknown number, and the caller hangs up after one ring.

In order to know if this type of robocall is legitimate or not, look for five red flags:

The first flag that should be looked out for is how people are paid. If they receive compensation based on what number they get through to then it’s highly likely that these calls will continue until someone picks up the phone line. Another red flag could be where the company’s location falls within jurisdiction laws; there have been reports of scammers using VoIP technology which allows them to disguise their location as being in the United States.

Another way to identify a robocall scam is by looking for if they are asking you to do something that would make it difficult or impossible for other people. Likewise, there could be hidden fees involved with these phone calls so remember not to give out personal information and always verify any requests made through email before taking action on them.  

The last two red flags include when caller ID appears as “Private” or “Unknown,” which can indicate that someone has stolen your number from an old credit card application form, but also means the call might come from outside of North America like Europe or Asia where regulations may differ! If you have suspicions about this type of call then just hang up immediately because no good will come from answering.

If a company is not willing to provide their address or phone number, try searching for them online and see what information pops up! One way to do that is by looking at your recent calls in the iPhone’s Contacts app where it says “Caller Company.” Entering in the name might help locate an email address or website which can be used as verification. Once you find out where they’re located make sure to report any suspicious activity so others don’t fall victim too!