Hanging beautifully decorated Christmas stockings

Christmas is a time for family and friends to come together, celebrate the season, and enjoy each other’s company. One of the best ways to make your home feel more festive during this time of year is by hanging beautifully decorated Christmas stockings on your fireplace mantel or windowsill. If you are looking for stocking ideas that will not only be beautiful but also make your guests feel very welcome when they see them at Christmas morning breakfast, then read this article!

Where did the Christmas socks come from?

It is unclear when the first Christmas stockings were made, but they are seen in the earliest of examples being from 1510. There are many theories as to where the tradition of hanging up Christmas stockings began.

Some believe that it stems from a folklore legend about Saint Nicholas, who would leave gifts in children’s shoes at night. Others believe that it may have come from another snowy German winter story where the first snowfall is considered a sign of the coming winter season and the 12 days between December 25th and January 6th which celebrates the time when Christ was born.

Tradition of Christmas stockings

History of Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas is one of the most famous saints from the Christian tradition. It was believed that he would give away his family’s fortune to those in need. It is said that he gained his reputation for being good after an incident when he tossed a bag of gold coins into a home and then holes in the roof during a storm that might have ruined their home.

The children would leave their shoes out at night with the hope that Saint Nicholas might fill them with candy or small gifts. It is unclear when it became a tradition to hang Christmas stockings by the fireplace, but there are many theories as to where this came from including one in 1535 where German shepherds who were on guard duty had used straw socks to keep warm and so they hung up these same types of socks for other people’s use. Some say it was because back then, most only owned one type of shoe which would show your wealth status with how fancy the sole looked like. These days, we still have just one type of shoe which shows our social class instead since buying new shoes isn’t an option for everyone!

The first stories about Santa Claus?

The first stories about Santa Claus are from the 19th century. One story talks about an incident when Santa gave away Christmas presents to some children who were caught stealing with their father.

Another story is that of a small Dutch community in 1823 which was on the verge of extinction and faced many different challenges including poverty, scarcity of food, and disease. There was one family who created a well-known toy which they called “The Endless Sleeper.” When this toy became popular, it had been distributed all over Europe and it became nicknamed the “Santa Claus”.