Black Friday: Why We Like It

Black Friday is a time of year where we all go crazy and buy everything from clothes to furniture, even if we don’t need it. Some people love black friday for the discounts, others just like the thrill of getting up early on a Saturday morning and standing in line outside their local store. The truth is that there are many reasons why people like Black Friday so much. 

What time is it open after Thanksgiving dinner and how long can you shop at a store without being trampled or waiting forever in line. There’s no way to know, but we’re guessing that they’ll stay open until about 11pm! Times vary by location, so check with your local retailer before heading out! In general though, most shops will close around midnight (or even later) and reopen again in the wee morning hours of November 29th!

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How much money will you save? 

There are many ways to find out how much you’ll save on Black Friday. A few of them include: taking the total and dividing by two, or by four (assuming that they’re discounting up to 75%!), comparing prices at different stores, looking for “deals” in circulars before black friday sale starts, etc. The best way is probably just to look around online – there’s a multitude of sites with sales information and discounts posted all year long! You can also download an app like ShopSavvy which allows shoppers to scan barcodes so they know who has the best price for their desired product. 

What is black friday sale? 

Plenty of people enjoy Black Friday because they like to shop at stores without having to pay full price. Stores offer great deals on new items as well as old, in order encourage shoppers to buy more products than just one item per shopping trip! Many people also enjoy going out with their family or friends during this time – there are usually many sales available from food to clothing, electronics and so much more. Some even think it’s fun when the store turns into an insane swarm of chaos with everyone fighting over discounted goods! For others though, not so much… 😉 Whatever your opinion, it’s hard to deny the fact that Black Friday is a time of year when people love spending money!

What are some examples of black friday deals? 

Some popular items for sale on Black Friday include: clothing (especially those worn during Christmas!), electronics, appliances, jewelry and more. Other stores offer discounts on tires or anything else you can think of – just visit your local store in order to find out what they have available! The best way to know what will be discounted at any given place is by visiting their website before the event begins. There should be a “black friday promotion” tab where all the information can be found! Just don’t forget to read reviews first so you understand how other shoppers feel about the store and the items they offer.