13 Famous Dishes from Around the World

Throughout the world, there are many different cultures and cuisines that have been passed down for generations. One of the great things about this is that it has given us an opportunity to experience a variety of dishes from all over the globe! In this blog post, we will take a look at 13 famous dishes from around the world.


Thai curry: Thai curries are usually made with coconut milk and a variety of vegetables. They can be mild or spicy depending on the specific ingredients used in each dish.

The laksa lemak: Laksa is a traditional soup or curry-like dish that’s heavy on spices. The most popular kind is the lemak which has an extra dose of coconut milk and spicy shrimp paste to make it even more flavourful.


Pancit canton: Pancit is noodles that have been boiled and then stir fried with eggs, shrimp, Chinese sausage, garlic and soy sauce among other things. It’s one of the most popular dishes in the country!


Banh mi: A banhmi is a Vietnamese sandwich that consists of bread (usually an airy baguette), meat (a common option would be pork or grilled chicken) and pickled carrot and daikon radish. It’s typically eaten for breakfast but can also serve as lunch.


Biryani: Biryani is a traditional Indian rice and meat dish that’s full of flavour thanks to the spices used like cardamom, cloves, cumin seeds and coriander among others! A lot of cultures around the world are familiar with this particular type because it’s so widely available.


Taco de pescado (fish tacos): Tacos are typically eaten as street food but if you’re looking for a more upscale meal there are many restaurants serving this along the coastlines. A taco de pescado is simply fish topped with cabbage slaw salsa roja which is a red tomato sauce.


Merguez sausage: Merguez sausages are traditionally made with lamb although you’ll see them on menus all over the world made from different kinds of meats like beef or even fish! When they’re not served in a sandwich, it’s often topped with onions and roasted vegetables which makes it one of the most popular dishes among vegetarians.


Ukrainian borsch: Borsh is often made with beetroot but there are many different variations depending on what region in Ukraine you’re from! There’s also cabbage, carrots and potatoes as well as beef broth–all boiled together for hours until everything comes together perfectly into one pot.


Blini Smetana (red caviar): Blini smetana is essentially crepes topped off with red cavirit eggs mixed with sour cream sauce. They’re a popular dish in many countries but originated from Russia.


Sushi Maki (sushi rolls): Sushi maki have been around for centuries although there was an invention in 1824 called nigiri sushi which consisted of toppings laid atop a hand-pressed piece of vinegared rice. It continues to grow as one of the most popular dishes all over the globe today!

Yakisoba (fried noodles): Yaki soba were originally served as street food but have grown to be one of the most popular dishes among Japanese people today. It consists primarily on fried noodles topped off with cabbage, carrots and other vegetables–it’s then drenched in sauce before it’s finally ready to eat!

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cevapcici (barbecued meat): Cevapi is a dish that originated from the Balkans. It consists of grilled ground beef which, traditionally, would have been served with onions only. Nowadays you’ll find it made into sandwiches as well!


Skewers shish taouk street food: Shish taouks are skewered pieces of chicken or lamb cooked on top of an open flame until they’re browned around the edges. They can be found everywhere in Jordan but if you want to enjoy them like the locals do–head down to one of their many popular street food vendors where there’s usually plenty available for purchase!


Lamb kebabs kofta: Koftas are meatballs that typically consist of minced or ground beef. The Syrian kind is made with lamb and features a top layer of bulgur wheat mixed in which adds fibre to the dish while still retaining its Middle Eastern flair!


Tajine de poulet (chicken tajine): Tajines are slow-cooked dishes that come from both Tunisia and Morocco. The Moroccan version is typically made with chicken, onions and a mix of spices like cinnamon which give it its signature flavour!

South Africa

Souskluitjies (pastry filled with butter): Souskluitkies are little pastries that originate from the Western Cape Province in South Africa where they’re often consumed for breakfast or to curb any cravings. They consist mainly on pastry dough stuffed full of some type of filling and then deep fried before being served–the most popular options would be either butter or cheese.


Empanadas (turnovers): Empanadas originated in Spain but have come to be one of the most famous dishes around Latin America because they’ve been adopted by so many different cultures and are commonly prepared in lots of different ways. The Argentinian variety is usually filled with beef, onions, eggs and other vegetables before it’s cooked into a hot oven until the dough becomes golden brown!


Christmas food in Australia is ham. This is due to the fact that Australian shoppers prefer to buy their meat on Christmas Eve to avoid the crowds.