Stripes: Summer Trend to Wear Now

Last year’s vertical stripes(which were very successful in the mid-1920s) came in full force, and they marked trousers and shorts of various models, also coming to dresses and overalls.  Even though it is a print that has been inserted for a long time in the market, now the prints are highlighting the looks, creating their personality. Continue reading “Stripes: Summer Trend to Wear Now”

Trend Alert: Round Sunglasses

Summer is the most incredible season of the year to use and abuse the moments on the beach and looks fresh. Nothing better to do that with a lot of style, one of the biggest trends of the season is the round sunglasses–a few seasons, this model has been taking care of street style and became a global fever. I remember a few years ago, after the classic John Lennon and Janis Joplin, just the Olsen twins wore round sunglasses–usually with black and Golden frame lens thin. Continue reading “Trend Alert: Round Sunglasses”

Scandinavian Girl’s Room Wallpaper

Scandinavian girl’s room

The decoration coming straight from the Nordic countries seems to have arrived in Brazil falling on the graces of everyone, including the girls. It is a blend of comfort, modernity, warmth and simplicity all in the same composition, perfectly balanced between the contemporary and the minimalist. Continue reading “Scandinavian Girl’s Room Wallpaper”

How You Use Your Earrings Tips

If you follow Modices-both here and on  Insta , Facebook  and Snap-you know that I’ve loved  Amalis  for so long that I use it and the  earrings  appear on social networks. They are  my choices very often for looks , regardless of the occasion, and you live asking about them. The design is sleek and stylish at the same time and it’s kind of impossible not to be half-obsessed with them, you know? Continue reading “How You Use Your Earrings Tips”

Basel World-News from Rolex

Date just Pearl master 39 in the new size of 39 millimetres diameter comes with Mono chromfarb – dials in olive green, Orange Cognac or Fuchsia radial brushed, gold hands with 8 Gold-mounted diamond in place of digits.

It is not all gold that glitters in this new Rolex. But almost everything. What is at Date just Pearl master 39 not out of solid, 18-carat polished gold, flashes, flashes, and glitters as glamorous, flawless gemstone with the highly polished precious metal to the bet. Continue reading “Basel World-News from Rolex”

Small Rooms Decorated

Decorate a small environment is not a mission so hard as it looks. There are several ways to do this, leaving the room super cozy, modern and beautiful. One of the environments that require more sophisticated décor, for being the main environment, is the living room. And, oddly enough, there are several ways of decorating a small room. Continue reading “Small Rooms Decorated”

Women’s Cardigan

Learn more about the cardigan, how to use it, and what are the reasons to purchase your already

The women’s cardigan (or Cardigan) is a versatile essential piece in the wardrobe of any woman, since he creates several combinations for warm days. Soon, cardigans can compose from the most deprived classical productions. Continue reading “Women’s Cardigan”

The Main Magazines About Pregnancy and Children

Who’s expecting a baby needs a crash course in parenting, especially in the case of the first child. At the time of the discovery of pregnancy begins the incessant search for relevant and specific information about the pregnancy itself, what to expect, how to treat a baby properly, among other information related to babies and/or children. In this sense, the magazines about pregnancy, birth and babies are purchased or subscribed, being only surpassed by your online version, blogs and/or sites on the issues concerned. Continue reading “The Main Magazines About Pregnancy and Children”

The New Oyster Perpetual Yacht Master Rolex

By 2015, for the first time presented at Baselworld: Oyster Perpetual Yacht Master Rolex.

One of the most iconic models of the House is the Oyster Perpetual Yacht Master Rolex. At Basel world in 2015, the watch brand presented a new version of the maritime classic: the new yacht-master comes in a black-and-gold robe… Continue reading “The New Oyster Perpetual Yacht Master Rolex”