The Sapphire – the ‘Gemstone of the Heavens’

A gem from the top Quartet of jewels with ravishingly beautiful optical characteristics

Blue is the dominant color of the new ad campaign, which in the October issues of the AD, the Vogue and GQ will be or already be seen. Matching we want to introduce a gem here, where a kornblumenblauer hue is especially popular – even if there also in various other colours.
Together with the diamond, the Ruby and Emerald, Sapphire is the Quartet of most precious gems. He belongs to the mineral group of corundum; the Red species here include the rubies, while all other or colorless stones bear the name Sapphire. Most, however, is the blue color, from which he received his name; the roots of the term Sapphire in Greek, there sappheiros means (σάπφειρος) blue.

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Do It Yourself: Napkins!

If there’s a person looking for 24 hours a day to do this myself, a lot of people know as well as I am in love with decoration. These days even was with a friend of mine at a store in search of decorative objects for Sunday lunches, or any other special day. But I confess that when I saw the price of the napkins I took a sustoooooo (a freebie).

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Natural Ways to Fight Acne

The acne is a problem that can affect (and) our self-esteem, which ultimately compromise the way we socialize with one another and played each of our daily tasks.

The fight against acne is not always successful and, in most cases, it takes a rather extended treatment so that we can begin to see satisfactory results. There are for sale numerous products that help fight acne successfully, but this should always be supplemented with natural forms that leverage the effects of any treatment. Without some simple changes (but essential) in their daily routines the results won’t be what you expect.

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Bags That Will Give An Elegant Touch To Your Look

Let’s dress with elegance, which seems unattainable but it is a practice that we must build gradually and if you like that your style will be first and foremost in quality, I would like to share you some tips of handbags that will give your look a touch of elegance that you are looking for.

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Curly Hair 50s Hairstyles

As 50 years make us the eye, we are surprised to carry the pronounced eyelinerline, we celebrate the small top with stripes and polka-dot dress, is painted red lips and feels so beautiful. Then the top hearts, because here is a tutorial that will allow you to make you a Marilyn Monroe-like hairstyle with curls (you’ll find the vent to make you fly the petticoat).

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Roncato Suitcases Reviews

Roncato collection offers many models ideal for any type of even well-priced trip available.

As they approach the holidays, organization of the trip we must think about the bags to hold everything you need. Our attention goes especially to prepare the rules for hand luggage and solutions for the travel beauty houses.
Among the many proposals we can choose the suitcases signed  Roncato, within it scollection 2014 there are plenty of models to meet every need.

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