Toshiba: Chromebook 2 with full-HD Display

Toshiba’s journey with chrome OS continues: after the company presented its first Chromebook in January of this year, the Japanese now announce the second generation of notebooks. Special: Toshiba the 13.3-inch Chromebook 2 in two variants are offered, which differ in screen resolution as well as in the storage facilities.

Optional full-HD resolution

So the basic model of Chromebook 2 offers a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and a 2 gigabyte (GB) great DDR3L memory wohingegegn the more expensive version with 1920 x 1080 pixels and 4 GB RAM is therefore. Memory also two years 100 GB at the online storage service are Google drive available for both models in addition to the 16 GB SSD installed in the device. Away from its users can expand storage capacity also on the available microsd card slot. Toshiba in the Chromebook 2 on an Intel Celeron not specified uses in the processor. Continue reading “Toshiba: Chromebook 2 with full-HD Display”

Create Folders with Apps for Android, ios and Windows Phone

Depending on the Smartphone model, at least 12 apps in a folder can be summarized. As IOS, Android and Windows phone works, read here :

Folder create iphone and ipad

Push the apps that you want to sort in a shared folder, as far as possible on a common home screen. Then press on one of the apps so long until it Wiggles and then move them to another app. This creates a folder with two apps. Ios networks then looks up an appropriate name before such as social, considering Twitter on Facebook. You can still change the name after a match prediction on it. To back up the folder, just press the home button. Also drag more apps in the wobble mode in the new folder; so, you can also remove apps from folders. Continue reading “Create Folders with Apps for Android, ios and Windows Phone”

Hobbits and More: App Dipped after Middle-Earth

A ring, to rule, to find them all, to drive in the dark and who was ever interested in fantasy literature, eternally knows this inscription to bind. In the language of Mordor, she graced the ring of power in Elvish runes. The works of the Hobbit and the LOTR are the best-known works of the British writer and philologist John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. The LOTR is the novel trilogy with 150 million sold copies to the most successful books of the 20th century. Tolkien created an own mythology for his world of Middle-Earth and constructed its own language and founded the modern with his work fantasy literature. Continue reading “Hobbits and More: App Dipped after Middle-Earth”

Sony Xperia Z3: Review of Sony’s New Top Model

With the Xperia Z Sony presented one of the first Superphones with 5-inch display and full HD resolution at the time. The current Xperia Z2 is since March on the market. Now fourth-generation, the relationship is visible, but Sony has literally been on many corners: the Xperia Z3 shows up with rounded aluminium frame anschmiegsamer than ever and with Android 4.4.4 kitkat relies on the current version of the Google operating system. From the start away there is also a small version: Xperia Z3 compact. But back to the large Z3: that weighs 154 grams and is the most elegant outdoor mobile with 7.4 millimetres strikingly slim maybe, because it is dust – and water-proof according to IP 65/68.

Test: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 compact in detail

Big and good: 5.2 inch full HD display

Grows on 5.2 inches (13.2 cm) diagonal screen (6, 4 x 11, 4 cm) and is still super hot (428 ppi). The full HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels) attaches to markedly in brightness, contrast and viewing angle. The laboratory confirmed with 596 cd / m ² the manufacturer (600 cd / m ²) with the brightness. The rich contrast (556:1) and the high fidelity (94 percent) provide the good intermediate grade of 1.80 for the display. Sunshine still clouds the readability, although reflections keep comparatively within the framework. Continue reading “Sony Xperia Z3: Review of Sony’s New Top Model”

The Samsung New Products at the IFA 2014

Now is the cat out of the bag: Samsung brings the Galaxy in October actually rated 4, a Phablet with 5.7-inch screen, high-resolution camera and an intelligent S pen, with the operation of the device should work better than with the fingers, promises to Samsung. There was to see three more devices: the touch 4 special version Galaxy touch edge, the Smartwatch gear S, as well as the VR goggles gear VR.

Phablet Samsung Galaxy touch 4

Highlight the IFA press conference approximately 75 minutes long without a doubt the Galaxy was rated 4. Samsung vigorously drilling on his Phablet, bought the fourth generation include a 5.7-inch touch screen, a 16 – Megapixel and a 3.7 megapixel camera with so-called Wefie function (Selfie photo for groups), as well as the improved S pen. There are multi window (true multitasking) and smart touch, a function of to small text and photo snippets an info package together. Continue reading “The Samsung New Products at the IFA 2014”

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact: Test of Sony’s Compact Top Smartphone

Test conclusion: what you should know

Very glad this compact, large but the 4.6-inch display can be operated with one hand. A significant impression of the rounded casing and the back side of the glass. The technique, the Z3 compact from the full may draw. At the pace and the quality of the photo you have to make any compromises to the flagship Xperia Z3, the small model front is even winning on the endurance. Also, you stay relaxed when it rains with all Xperia-Z models. (According to the test procedure until October 2014 the mark of 1.95 was) Best price on the Internet: 299,90 EUR * this product on Amazon high labour and operating speed light display order Pro handy and waterproof memory card slot good endurance MHL, Miracast fast LTE cons noisy not simply possible not fitness functions test note of the editorial 2.41 good user rating (of 4 reviews) for the first time shows Sony simultaneously with the new top model Sony Xperia Z3 also the little brother, the Sony Xperia Z3 compact. It is the successor of the Sony Xperia Z1 compact and was allowed to omit a number in the name, so that the family affiliation again. As the operating system Android 4.4.4 kitkat is used. Although the Xperia Z3 is cheaper Compact with a non-binding price recommendation from 499 Euro 130 euro for the Xperia Z3, Sony is in contrast to Samsung the view that a scaled-down model also in the facilities must slim down: apart from the smaller display, this compact camera and processor from the full must draw and it is natural, such as the large Z3 , according to IP 65/68 dust – and waterproof. Continue reading “Sony Xperia Z3 Compact: Test of Sony’s Compact Top Smartphone”

Sony’s Xperia-Z3 Family in the Test and Other IFA Novelties

At the IFA in Berlin, Sony presents the new top equipment from the Xperia-Z-family: the Sony Xperia Z3 presents itself with the rounded aluminium frame anschmiegsamer than ever before and takes over the role of top model in Sony’s Smartphone world with the 5.2-inch full-HD display. At the same time, the small variant with 4.6-inch display, the Xperia may, the full scoop Z3 compact and access even though it is 130 Euro cheaper like the big brother on a quad-core processor with 2.5 ghz. Both Android 4.4.4 phones have a huge camera resolution and are protected against water and dust according to IP 65/68. COMPUTER image has already tested the dynamic duo. Read the results in the test of the Sony Xperia Z3 with the test of the Sony Xperia Z3 compact. Continue reading “Sony’s Xperia-Z3 Family in the Test and Other IFA Novelties”

ASUS: New Memo Pad 7 with Full-HD Display

ASUS uses the this year’s IFA, to introduce an updated version of his memo pad 7 away from the zenwatch expected for a long time. The Tablet has a redesigned case that is only 8.3 mm thick and made of fiberglass is a part. Also scores the new version compared to its predecessor with a better display, more memory and a faster processor.

7 inch full HD

Called according to a 7-inch display is the new memo pad 7 is also used, with 1920 x 1200 pixels, it’s much sharper compared to its predecessor (1280 x 800 pixels). The image density thus increases from 216 on 323 ppi. Inside Intel’s quad-core processor of the type of nuclear Z3560, which runs at a clock rate of up to 1.83 ghz. What’s Special: The chip is 64-bit capable and thus ideally equipped for Android L, which should take full advantage of the processor architecture. Until the release of the new version of Android, the tablet version is 4.4 kitkat. Continue reading “ASUS: New Memo Pad 7 with Full-HD Display”

Sony Xperia M2: Mid-Range Smartphone in the Practice Test

Large display, fast four core processor and fast Internet: It delivers the Sony Xperia M2 at a price of less than 200 euros without a contract. Whether convinced the device not only on paper but also in practice, see here.


Sony consistently continues the Xperia-design of the Z-series: A square shape with rounded corners. So it’s fast to be confused with a Sony Xperia Z2. The edges are contrasting and reflecting on the narrow sides. On the right side of the button band gathered: A camera button, volume rocker and the switch. Directly on the cover hides the SIM and microsd card slot. This left only a micro-USB connector. The Xperia M2 has no protection against submersion, is not so waterproof. The Samsung S5 mini, for example, also has no cover, but is the first device that is still waterproof. The front two lights adorn, down a wide luminous bar, above a small status LED. Continue reading “Sony Xperia M2: Mid-Range Smartphone in the Practice Test”

Android One: Launch Apparently on September 15

Update: launched on 15 September 2014?

Google invites: the American Group holds a press event in India on 15th September 2014 and provides an exciting announcement in views in this regard. What it is, Google does not reveal. The company would only announce further details as soon as you are approaching the date. Assessing the Indian television channel NDTV that’s should be here but the go-ahead for the cheap Android-one smartphones, which are available according to Google fall 2014 in India.

Original message:

In addition to Android TV, the Android operating system designed for vehicles car and the next version of Android for smartphones and tablets Google to kick off the current in-house Developer Conference Google I/O, including a new Smartphone platform called Android one announced. This is a kind of outsourced nexus concept, with the Smartphone manufacturer cheap Android phones based on a reference design by Google make. Continue reading “Android One: Launch Apparently on September 15”