Gucci Is Ahead with The ‘Cruise Collection’ Spring 2012

We have not yet begun to wear the autumn outfits – basically because time has not accompanied, summer temperatures are the general trend – and still immersed in the frenzy of look books and catalogues of this winter season, already many firms rush to get their campaigns for next summer. Additionally some years have been fashion the Cruise collections, created for the demi-season periods. Continue reading “Gucci Is Ahead with The ‘Cruise Collection’ Spring 2012”

Nostalgia of The Field in ‘Lookbook’ Balmain Spring/Summer 2012

The simplicity and romance of the country life serves as the atmosphere in the new photographic work of Karim Sadli for next spring collection of Balmain Homme. The model Paolo Anchisi It lends his cold eyes and narrow body to sober pieces sublimated by the dust and the blazing sun. Continue reading “Nostalgia of The Field in ‘Lookbook’ Balmain Spring/Summer 2012”

Versace Is Put The Batteries and Re-Edits His Classic Printed Silk Shirts

And I say that you put the batteries because from that we knew that was going to be the new collaboration of the year along with H & M, seems that the latent signature at the hands of Donatella which Phoenix has resurfaced. Interestingly, a few days ago we announced and showed some of the first looks that will compose the coveted lookbook in which as it could not be otherwise, they appeared to the already Blockbuster Versace shirts silk with Oriental patterns and bright colours. Continue reading “Versace Is Put The Batteries and Re-Edits His Classic Printed Silk Shirts”

Pull and Bear, Another Success in The Autumn Lookbooks of October (I)

We continue with the October lookbooks and again I like to know that Pull and Bear, as is happening with the rest of the low-cost firms, are introducing ad more than achieved with very visible proposals, not too innovative designs but with current trends. Colorful and leaving aside the stereotypes about winter, They show that collections have not because fade just abandon August. Continue reading “Pull and Bear, Another Success in The Autumn Lookbooks of October (I)”

Please More Lookbooks as The Todd Snyder for The Spring 2012

Todd Snyder, This time under the cover of the model Danny Schwarz, it has become one of those firms that perfectly represents the classic preppy American style, evoking more glorious past for this style and some of his most notable such as Steve McQueen or Cary Grant. Continue reading “Please More Lookbooks as The Todd Snyder for The Spring 2012”

If You Want to Risk This Winter, We Suggest Three Ways of Doing So

At an economic time in which our wardrobe is filled with basic recyclable and timeless with which to deal with the crisis, reached us with this dedicated just to the opposite post. It is not to be contrary, but by unveiled three proposals which, as little, are curious. Continue reading “If You Want to Risk This Winter, We Suggest Three Ways of Doing So”

Happy Holidays with Lanvin! (We Are Still Dancing)

The French maison has had a year Pretty horny in their campaigns promotional. Perhaps by the times that run, the pretentious attitudes begin to be a little bad views and anyone you want too make apology of rancid values and hieratic poses, sarcasm and comedy will sell better these days and to close the year and wish happy holidays Lanvin has become to bet on the absurd dot. Continue reading “Happy Holidays with Lanvin! (We Are Still Dancing)”

Who Has Been The Most Elegant Man in 2011? The Question of The Week

Some will be willing to put you head in 2012, with new purposes and illusions, goals professionals or stylistic, but for those who have the habit of analyze everything that happened at this time, with its glories and miseries, has time to draw up lists of ‘the best’ and ‘worst’, brightest and the less successful of the year that will be. Continue reading “Who Has Been The Most Elegant Man in 2011? The Question of The Week”

H & M and Versace with River Viiperi: Is This Collection Cruise The First Fairly Acceptable?

We have to recognize that the new cruise from H & M and Versace collection It is creating more excitement than expected. The reasons are quite clear: first, looks like a very affordable collection our closets than the previous one and not because of price, but for being garments that, less extravagant and more for every day and all that without losing the spirit of Versace.

It might seem difficult, but the truth is that they have succeeded. And River Viiperi He was responsible for shaping the first campaign/lookbook to make us an idea.

The Greek and Roman friezes they continue to be the leitmotiv of the collection, that there is no doubt. The passion of Donatella for Greek art and mythology (not least, its logo is the head of) Medusa) is evident in most of his prints.

The colors in this collection do not end up defined by the winter or the spring, but they remain in the limbo of the black and electric blue creating an own and particular place. Cardigan and pants together with Oxford shirts in white and new borders to the left of the buttons.

A few very successful looks, which make all items in Basic with very attractive Versace touches (shirts and t-shirts I’m sure that eventually flying tents) with a style very fresh and youthful without scratching the bizarre and extravagant.